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Get the most out of your cell site lease

Cell Site Advisors are experienced advocates who work on your behalf

  • Get the highest value for your new lease and amendments to existing leases

  • Hire an expert to broker your telecom lease or tower

  • Save time and money in negotiating

  • Only pay us when we get you a deal

Most people don’t know the market value of their lease.

Without guidance, cell site land owners and building owners can miss out on maximum lease value and contract terms that work for them.

Do you need Cell Site Advisors?

We serve lessors in a variety of situations:

  • Lessor with a current cell site on their land or building who want to renegotiate their contract
  • Lessor who has been approached to put a new cell site on their land or building

At Cell Site Advisors, we’ve negotiated thousands of agreements.

We’ve worked with all major cell carriers and major infrastructure companies.

Put our 40 years of combined experience to work for you.

  • “Cell Site Advisors are great to work with, negotiating our cell tower lease from start to finish. Not only did they put us in a great position with rent, we feel like we had a partner to put us in the best place possible with our property.”

    Chris & Jamie S.
  • “I needed money for another investment and reached out to Cell Site Advisors about selling my lease. I already had an offer, but they were able to get us much more than that original offer. Very happy with what I was able to get out of the lease.”

    Frank J.
  • “We were looking to sell some of our assets, and Cell Site Advisors was instrumental in getting top dollar and leading us all the way through closing. There is a bit of a process to get through, with Ted and his team always communicating and facilitating the back and forth. Highly recommended.”

    City Manager
  • “Had a bit of a complex situation with our leases, but needed capital. Cell Site Advisors worked through all consents and other requirements and got us to the finish line. Very professional and impressive how they were able to help us navigate through.”

    Managing Partner, LLC
  • “Crown Castle approached us to amend our lease. We weren’t comfortable, so reached out to Cell Site Advisors. They were able to help us understand what Crown Castle was asking for and negotiated us a lot more rent than what was offered. Now we know the value of our lease and thank Cell Site Advisors for that.”

    Charles & Marilyn W.
  • “Got a letter in the mail wanting to put a cell tower on my property. I had no idea where to start. Reached out to Cell Site Advisors, spoke with Ted and felt a lot more comfortable after our consultation. They led the negotiations and put together a lease that I’m very happy with. The rent will be a big help to my family.”

    Suzy C.
  • “We needed someone to broker our towers and leases, so reached out to Cell Site Advisors. Very experienced and professional, they not only lead us through the process but also negotiated right until the end to get us a big number. Cell Site got us more than we thought we could get.”

    Jim M., Vice President

    We want to make sure you get the most out of your cell site contract.

    Here’s how to get started:

    1. Consultation

    In our free consultation, we dive into your current or proposed lease to understand how best to advocate for you.

    2. Negotiation

    We work directly with the carrier or infrastructure company on your behalf. Our goal is to get you the best deal and terms available.

    3. Legal Review

    On staff legal counsel experienced in telecom will review all documents. This is an important step included in the service we provide – we take you from negotiation to the final signatures. And you only pay us when you make a deal.

    Don’t leave money on the table

    Make sure your interests are represented when negotiating your cell site contract